Welcome to
Chenango Valley State Park Trails!

Welcome to
Chenango Valley
State Park Trails!


New York maintains our trails.


Volunteers do all of the work!
You can help – See Our Mission below.


To coordinate an on-going all-volunteer effort in the pursuit of keeping the trails of Chenango Valley State Park open for our recreational use and to provide a forum through which to communicate the conditions of the trails and to facilitate maintenance.


First Principle

Ride, hike, run, ski, snowshoe, walk your dogs, and do everything you can so that everyone will be able enjoy our trails.


Second Principle

To keep our trails open and wonderful.

You Can Help!

Pick up a piece of litter. There’s not much out there, but clean trails are not treated like dumps.

Lift or drag branches or limbs off of the trail if you or your group can safely do that.

Travel with a folding saw or a pair of nippers. Stop once in a while and cut a recently fallen limb off of the trail, or to nip off a low-hanging face-slapping branch. Think about how sweet it will be for the next person who passes that spot freely without the obstruction. It could be you!

More on Folding Saws:  A small investment and a small commitment (to use it). Some of us go out with a folding saw every time. Most of the normal blow-down type of obstructions are quickly cleared by volunteers soon after they appear, which is why our trails are usually accessible.  Folding saws don’t cost much, nor are they difficult to carry. Chenango Valley State Park Trails will consider providing a free saw to anyone who will promise to use it.

Advanced Trail Maintenance Involvements

One person with a Chainsaw certification and another with a CPR/First Aid certification can gain permission from the park director to do trail work with a chainsaw.


Certification Interest

We are looking for volunteers who have interest in Chainsaw and CPR/First Aid Certifications. Please contact us to be added to one of the lists.

Other Trail Maintenance Goals

To cut no green trees.

To keep carriage road trails open to emergency and park vehicles. We want to keep these open to emergency access if one of us is hurt and needing medical attention.

To use only natural materials in trail reconstruction.

To keep trails open to maximize flow.

To provide optional routes over and around obstacles where possible.

To do the smallest amount of work to get the best result.